The Delightful Forest (1972) aka Kuai Huo Lin

Wu Sung, a military swordmaster, is acused of murdering his adulterous sister-in-law and a thug, and sent to exile in Meng Chou. At the prison camp, Shih En, son of the camp commander, intercedes in his favour, to spare him the humiliating 100 bamboo lashes. When Wu Sung knows that a local thug, Chiang Chung, attacked and wounded Shih En to rob his wine cellar at the Delightful Forest, the military trainer decides to interfere. He defies the thug to a duel, in which he wins, at a cost – the thug is a drunkard who fights well, even when he has drunk too much! Later, after making sure Wu Sung has drunk too much, it’s Chiang Chung who demands, and gets, his revenge. Chiang Chung moves political influences and treachery to provoke the downfall of the military instructor, again. Wu Sung returns from yet another exile, to get satisfaction.
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Devil’s Temple (1969) aka Oni no sumu yakata

An abandoned temple in the mountains outside of the old capital city of Kyoto is the scene of a fated meeting between a traveling priest, two women, and a vicious killer, known thoughout Japan as “Mumyo no Taro”. Katsu Shintaro is brilliant as the young lord, turned thief in this stunning masterpiece from filmmaker Misumi Kenji. Bloody violence erupts whenever strangers approach the temple. Can the traveling priest bring his belief in the Buddha and rid the three temple residents of the devils that hold their souls? A one of a kind motion picture!
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The Treasure Hunters (1981) aka Lung Fu Siu Ying Hung

trh.jpg~originalConman Chi Tao-pao (Alexander Fu-sheng) and wealthy yet bored young Socialite Chao Chu-chi (Chang Chan-peng), who wants the chance to prove himself to his Family, seizes some letters from an antique-merchant Lu Ku-tung (Liu Chia-yung) thinking they contain a clue which leads to the fabled treasure of Chan Po Chu . With a tenuous agreement put into action, the two adventurers set out in search of the very sought after treasure. Also hunting down the Chan Po Chu booty is a small band of kung fu fighting monks and, the most fearsome of all, the ruthless Lord Mo(Wang Lung Wei). Through a series of intricate escapades and minor battles, the dynamic duo forms a unique bond that helps them in their final confrontation with the dreaded Lord Mo. In the temple that is said to house Chan Po Chu’s legacy, the various parties reveal their motives and the heroic forces are once and for all pitted against Mo and his deadly female cohort.
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