Stage Door Johnny (1990) aka Wu tai jie mei

Year..........: 1990
Directed by...: Wu Ma
Stars.........: Kara Hui, Yin San Lai, Idy Chan
Genres........: Action | Drama
Language......: Cantonese
Subtitles.....: English
Country.......: Hong Kong
IMDB Link.....: 6.5 Rate | IMDB Info
Also known as.: Wu tai jie mei, Mo toi ze mui
Format........: DVDrip | 1.77 GiB | 93 mins | 853x480 | mkv 

Pops (Wu Ma) is the owner of an all-female Chinese Opera troupe stationed in Shanghai. Despite their consistent hard work and impressive operas, the crowds are diminishing and Pops begins to wonder if he can support all of the performers in the troupe. With one last throw of the dice though, he decides to pay for famous Peking Opera starlet Tsui (Hui Ying Hung) to join the show and hopefully entice the audiences back. Unfortunately for him, the differing prejudices of Tsui and the existing performers creates an initially imposing barrier; Tsui constantly looks down on what she considers an unsophisticated form of Opera performing while the other performers are annoyed by her attitude and pay. Gradually, these differences are forgotten as Tsui and the lead vocalist form an unsteady friendship, while the actual performances are achieving sell-out crowds. The sudden success of the troupe and the obvious charm of the beautiful actresses is not ignored by local crime boss Mr. Chang though and his intervention ignites a new threat to the Pops’ hard work. With a threat from the mob and one of the actresses’ involvement with Mr. Chang’s honourable enemy (Waise Lee), the inevitable complications lead to the troupe having to take on the aggressors head on.



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