Judgement of an Assassin (1977) aka Jue Sha Ling

Year..........: 1977
Directed by...: Chung Sun
Stars.........: David Chiang, Hua Tsung, Li Ching 
Genres........: Action | Adventure
Language......: Mandarin
Subtitles.....: English
Country.......: Hong Kong
IMDB Link.....: 7.2 Rate | IMDB Info
Also known as.: Jue sha ling
Format........: DVDrip | 1.85 GiB | 94 mins | 720×368 | mkv 

Sun Chung was already a valued comedy, romance, and modern crime filmmaker, when, through this tale of the 100 Poison Clique’s obsessive ambition to destroy all rivals, he started bringing morality and motivation to martial arts movies like never before. Kung-fu superstar David Chiang and prominent choreographer Tang Chia lead the cast in a bloody clan clash centered on the trial of an admitted mass murderer and serial rapist. It was just the beginning of Sun Chung’s exploration in emotion.



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