Mercenaries from Hong Kong (1982) aka Lie mo zhe

Year..........: 1982
Directed by...: Jing Wong
Stars.........: Lung Ti, Yue Wong, Wai-Man Chan 
Genres........: Action | Drama
Language......: Cantonese
Subtitles.....: English [Hard]
Country.......: Hong Kong
IMDB Link.....: 6.9 Rate |
Also known as.: Lie mo zhe
Format........: DVDrip | 1.71 GiB | 90 mins | 720×368 | mkv 

Ti Lung is a war veteran/medicine smuggler who is hired for a hefty sum by a powerful, seductive businesswoman (Candice Yu) to kill the man who murdered her father (Philip Ko) who’s hiding in Cambodia with a small guerrilla army. Ti Lung assembles a team comprised of his old friends Michael Chan Wai Man (deadly with knives), Lo Lieh (a peerless marksman), Johnny Wang Lung Wei (a fearful brawler), Wong Yu (a master at picking locks) and, last and least, Nat Chan (a womanizer, admittedly not the most useful skill in the team). But as they prepare for their mission, they must contend with the vengeful brother (Yuen Wah) that Ti Lung gunned down earlier, as well as a mysterious antagonist (a particularly intimidating Lee Hoi San).



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