Murders Made To Order (1993) a.K.a Xie zi zhi mie sha xing dong

Year..........: 1993
Directed by...: Lee Gwok Laap
Stars.........: Chit-Man Chan, Fennie Yuen, Cynthia Khan
Genres........: Action | Crime
Language......: Cantonese
Subtitles.....: English
Country.......: Hong Kong
IMDB Link.....:
Also known as.: Xie zi zhi mie sha xing dong, 蠍子之滅殺行動
Format........: DVDrip | 1.29 GiB | 75 mins | 704×346 | mkv 

After a tantalizing opening featuring Cynthia Khan as a contract killer – a welcome change from her cop persona – this film unfolds through a succession of intriguing plot twists that defy simple sub-genre classification. In a very strong performance, Maggie Siu is recycled as a dispensable undercover cop after languishing in a psychiatric hospital. In one of the many interesting plot elements, she is released and briefed by the very police supervisor (and former lover) that she had shot during the close of “Sting of the Scorpion.” Assigned to undercover work as a nightclub hostess, her toughness proves equal to the threats and demands of this violent world. She makes both friends and enemies, but attracts the attention of a smooth gang leader (played by Waise Lee). After apparently killing a police officer during a confrontation, she is provided refuge by his organization and trained as an assassin. Complicating factors include a junior triad admirer who eventually discovers her true identity, a growing romantic involvement with Waise Lee, and an eventual assassination assignment. Siu’s character discovers the hard way that the organization covers its tracks by eliminating the contract assassins after they have completed their mission.



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