Usurpers of Emperor’s Power (1983) aka Feng Shen Jie

Year..........: 1983
Directed by...: Shan Hua
Stars.........: Tony Liu, Leanne Lau, Kuo Chao 
Genres........: Action | Drama
Language......: Mandarin
Subtitles.....: English
Country.......: Hong Kong
IMDB Link.....: 5.7 Rate | IMDB Info
Also known as.: Feng Shen Jie 
Format........: DVDrip | 1.69 GiB | 83 mins | 720×368 | mkv 

In Sung dynasty China, circa 975 A.D, Prince Li Hou Zhou (Eric Chan Ga-Kei) has been stripped of his kingdom and now lives in exile alongside his beautiful wife and faithful warrior Li Lang (Liu Yung). Both men are forced to watch when the dastardly Crown Prince Jin Guang Yi (Chiu Gwok) rapes the emperor’s wife (while servants lift them both in mid-air!), then commands his painter to draw the ordeal. Prince Li and his wife commit suicide, but Li Lang swears vengeance. The painting is then stolen by pretty, purple-clad ninja Xiang Ling (Leanne Lau Suet-Wa). Her mighty martial arts master Chen Bo (Lung Tien-Hsiang) delivers it to Prince De Zhao (Max Mok) who, desiring the imperial throne, uses the painting convince his uncle the Emperor (Wong Yung) to disinherit Guang Yi. The crown prince swiftly turns the tables by plotting to assassinate Prince Zhao. Following a failed attempt on Guang Yi’s life, Li Lang is rescued by a smitten Xiang Ling. Together with Chen Bo they convince a band of forest-dwelling merry men led by jovial peasant hero Golden Tiger (Chung Wong) to shelter Prince Zhao in their friendly village. But Crown Prince Jin Guang Yi hatches a fiendish scheme to seize the throne, after which the ever-pragmatic Chen Bo switches sides.



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