Kokkuri (1997) aka Kokkuri-san

Year..........: 1997
Directed by...: Takahisa Zeze
Stars.........: Ayumi Yamatsu, Hiroko Shimada, Moe Ishikawa
Genres........: Horror
Language......: Japanese
Subtitles.....: English
Country.......: Japan
IMDB Link.....: IMDB Info
Also known as.: Kokkuri-san
Format........: DVDrip | 691 iGB | 87 mins | 720x400 | mkv 

Schoolgirls on the verge of adulthood know that boys can be feckless and girls treacherous. Three friends gather around a Ouija board to call forth the spirit of Kokkuri. Masami has a boyfriend, Akira; Hiroko, who is nervous about the séance, wonders if she should take the plunge into sex; Mio is haunted by her mother’s suicide. She also has a secret life as the voice of a midnight talk show host, the sexually-charged Midori. Mio must explore her past and her new feelings. Can she hold off the power and predictions of Kokkuri to enter adulthood, or will the destructive and romantic side of teen spirit be too powerful?



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