Bloody Shuriken (1965) aka Akai Shuriken

v5i9jag8Ibuki Shinnosuke, a master knife thrower whose signature are red-handled knives, leave a bloody trail wherever he travels. Arriving in the lawless town of Shukuba, where three families, the Sumiya, Hotoke, and Kanzo are competing to rule the area, he is hired as a bodyguard by Sumiya. In response, the other two hire assassins with the intent of killing Ibuki and taking over the town. Structured somewhat like a Spaghetti Western this tale of violence, romance, and betrayal is a true classic.

Temptress of a thousand Faces (1968) aka Qian Mian Mo Nu

The Temptress of a Thousand Faces is a mysterious thief who commits crimes in disguise and is ever elusive. Police Detective Ji Ying(Tina Chin Fei), who’s in love with Journalist Yu Da(Chen Liang), tries hard to get hold of the Culprit who takes on so many appearances. Being called a threat to the public on Television by Ji Ying, the Temptress gets a bit sulky and abducts Ji Ying to her subterranean dwelling. Putting on a Mask of our Heroine the Temptress commits a Robbery at a Jewellery Exhibition where Ji Ying is ordered to watch over the Trinkets.Posing as Ji, the ruthless lady not only seduces the Heroine’s Boyfriend, but to his eye-rubbing bewilderment fights her rival in an identical-twin faceoff. Eventually the Temptress turns out to be a fellow female journalist Mao Li (Pat Ting Hung) wreaking revenge on society for her past as a “plaything for men”.

Hiruko the Goblin (1991) aka Yôkai hantâ: Hiruko

hiruko_the_goblinA school was built on one of the Gates of Hell, behind which hordes of demons await the moment they will be free to roam the Earth. Hiruko is a goblin sent to Earth on a reconnaissance mission. He beheads students in order to assemble their heads on the demons’ spider-like bodies. Hieda, an archaeology professor, and Masao, a haunted student, investigate the gory deaths and eventually battle Hiruko.

The Buddhist Spell (1993) aka Pu Ti You Gui

TheBuddhistSpellChao Lu-chiang directed this low-budget historical fantasy from Taiwan, featuring Sharla Cheung as Miss Shen, who is raped by the wicked Register (Lung Fong). The Register then murders her by smashing her head into a tree brought along by a woodsman named Feng Yun-tin (Mark Chen). What the Register doesn’t know is that the murder weapon is a thousand-year old holy tree which has magical powers and now holds the discorporated soul of the murdered girl. Miss Shen’s spirit tells Feng that if he doesn’t help her get revenge on the Register, she will possess his body forever. While Feng begins turning the tree into a sacred statue of Kwanyin, Miss Shen stays with him and he falls in love with her. This makes him start to reconsider his task, because completing the statue will also cause her spirit to disperse and become one with nature. Another man who doesn’t want the statue to be made is the leader of the Da Hung (Lau Shun), whose evil religious cult will not be able to release the demonic Blood Kid to conquer humanity if the icon reaches completion.

The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter (1984) aka Wu Lang ba gua gun

The Yang family was the loyal strong-arm of the Imperial army. But a jealous General betrays the Eilte Spearman and their father to the opposing Mongol army. After an ambush of a battle, only two of the seven sons survive. One remains hidden by the family while the other lives on the run. The traitorous general must find them and silence them before either of them can testify to the Emperor of his treachery.

Duel to The Death (1983) aka Xian si jue

One of the last of the Old School Hong Kong martial arts flicks, this one deals with a legendary competition in swordplay and fighting that ends up being fought between two great warriors, a Chinese man and a Japanese man, who, over the course of the film, have become friends. Exploding ninjas and decapitations, a monkey man, giant ninjas, AWESOME! This movie has it all! Fast paced combat scenes, beautiful cinematography, compelling characters, and an epic plot of honor and betrayal.

The Avenging Eagle (1978) aka Long xie shi san ying


Chi Ming-sing is a former disciple of a gang run by overlord Yoh Xi-hung. Yoh’s disciples hunt Chi relentlessly as he travels on a soul-searching journey. He comes to the aid of a seemingly bumbling man who hardly takes even life-threatening scenes seriously. The man Chi saved starts following him on the road, explaining that he’s looking for someone who committed a grievous, unforgivable wrong. As the two travel on the road, it starts to become clear that Chi’s companion is more than he seems: he’s actually a very skilled martial artist, and his boots contain short blades that he can attach to his sleeves. Chi finally tells his companion his story: he’s seeking out a renowned swordsman named Cheuk Yi-fan… not to kill him, but to die at his hand. Chi is haunted of the last job he did with the gang, slaughtering many of Cheuk’s family and friends… and Chi himself slew Cheuk’s pregnant wife. Chi’s companion agrees to help Chi with his mission. But when the two arrive at Yoh’s …

Shogun’s Ninja (1980) aka Ninja bugeicho momochi sandayu (忍者武芸帳百地三太夫)

oeKtXSIn the middle of the 16th century, Hideyoshi, a power hungry warlord sets out to destroy the Momochi clan. He sends his war commander in search of the clan’s hidden gold only to find that two daggers are the key to the hiding place of the treasured gold. Spanning decades, the quest for the missing daggers takes Shiranui through war and ancient tradition.